Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Operation Ornament

Dear Friends,
I have a challenge!  As I was putting up my Christmas tree tonight this came to mind and I loved it so much I decided to put it out there.  The first four years of our marriage Nick was dead set against a tree.  I got him to cave last year and purchased the beautiful sight you see here:

Here’s where my challenge comes in.  Although I’m so stoked to have my tree up, I know that the coming weeks are going to be hard.  The papers are pretty much done and will be filed in court within a week…this means that things will be “final” within the next 3 weeks to a month.  The holidays are going to be weird.  (I’m a little teary just writing that.) I’m so ready for the next step and am moved past the marriage, but ya know there’s just hardness that comes with first things (like holidays and what was "normal") after something so big dies. 

SO, THE CHALLENGE: It would make me smile and simultaneously help decorate my tree with loads of love if you would send me one ornament.  It can be new or old, store bought, or handmade.  I ask that you include a small note.  As my tree fills up with ornaments (As the tree was bought on Black Friday, there are not ornaments yet…that was supposed to be this year.) I’ll be reminded not only of all the love that I have in my life, but also my tree will get more and more pretty and by Christmas be decorated.  I could think of nothing more special than the simplicity of this idea.  I’m calling it Operation Ornament.  You my friends will be decorating my tree and my heart with all that Christmas should be.