Wednesday, November 09, 2011

This has been itching to get out!

So, early October I got to attend Come to the Fire...boy have I got a ton of notes I've been processing to share with ya'll!  It was so great to be able to be in Columbus with some many women from home, but I have to give a special shout out to Annie Croft and her sweet Mama, Ginny Suderman.  I spent most of my  "free time" with them.  Also, "HEEEEY!" goes out to the whole Downs gang, so good to see you and meet  sweet Caleb.  Last, but not least, the Seamans...I miss you and love you and appreciate all your supportive listening and kind words.  Girls, you rock!

Ok, on to the main course...
Have you ever gotten to hear Beth Coppedge speak?  She is so cute and full of great teaching.  I ate it up. I seriously want to be like her.  She was so spunky and also so, so obviously in love with my Jesus.  She was 100% challenged me and makes me even today think about the opportunities I may have to be Jesus to someone or to tell them how sweet He is!

This is Beth...from my phone, not the best. 
I came away with a new slogan that I can't let go of:  "Please, offend me, tell me all the things that make you fired up, the things in your life that compel you to live the way you do...I hope you have the opportunity to offend me, so that I may also be given the chance to offend you, and maybe in so doing we will both learn and be changed forever."  This is not what she said, it's what I took away from one particular part of her talk that night.  To sum it up, she said a college friend had told her "Beth, you've got to stop talking about Jesus All. The. Time.  You're making people uncomfortable."  Well, as many of us would, she took that advice to heart and in a particular conversation she did not take the chance she would have normally taken to tell new friends about Jesus because she was worried about offending them, making them uncomfortable.  That night, she and the same friend were talking and that SAME chickie who told her she was talking too much said, "Beth, how come you didn't tell them about Jesus?  I was waiting for you to do it, or I would have said something."  You can't please everyone, I've decided that my priority is Jesus and if my agenda to have you know and love Him too makes you uncomfortable, know that some things you are outspoken about may make me uncomfortable too...I'll let you speak, I'll even learn from you I'm sure...I want to be open to the ache of your heart as well...but please, give me a chance to be open to mine!

That was the biggest nugget, if you read no more, you'll be better off in my mind for having read that message alone, however...I got way more than just that.  Here are a few other great thoughts I jotted down.  They may make sence, they may only make sence to me who heard the context...who knows. :)

October 1st

  • When God says loose your life, He means it.  We are missing His heart!
  • We must be living out these commands: Love your neighbor, the widow, the orphan.  
  • If the gospel is truth and for EVERYONE, YOU must be committed to be uncomfortable for Him.  
  • Set your priorities upon His priorities, not your or the "American Dream" let your rest go...RADICAL.
October 2nd
Are you trusting God with His plan?  Jesus wants to take us out of ourselves and make us other fill us with agape love.  Blessed are those who are not offended in Him.  Many times we don't take up our toll or the burden of the cross because we don't want to be offended for the Lord.  If you want to find out who you really are, life in His presence.  He can come into the desire of our hearts, he can purify us with His blood.  We don't have to know the guilt, or love our burden of sin.  God wants to get our affections.  Romans 12:3-6, transform yourself, talk to God.  2 Cor "Behold I make all things new."  When circumstances are difficult we know this is not all there is.  When we notice something that is done in love that fragrance lingers with's important to notice and be noticed.  We are not just talkers, but love GIVERS.  If the things of God make you uncomfortable, just go back to the things of hell, where you are comfortable.

Oct 2nd Evening
  • If God answers your prayer how will it bring glory to Him?
  • Jesus, coffee and sinners will be allowed in the sanctuary at whatever church Nick and I plant for Him.
  • Boldness is what changes lives.  Who ever met Jesus from someone who kept quiet, who chose laziness over action?
  • What good is it to have a changed heart if id didn't cause a changed life or influence others for change as well?
  • May we let every encounter be one that God can use us...never an inconvienance.
  • If we have really died to our God we will do more than talk.  
  • We will not just want God because He performs the way we want Him to.  Not because we are being made happy or our life is easy, but because we love him so much and can't help but spill out His goodness.  
  • We are not to be religious, we are meant to be so in love we are unable to restrain or refrain from being Jesus.  
  • We are works in progress.  
  • If we are offensive in sharing Jesus, so be it.
  • ...I beg of you, offend me by that which has changed you so I may have the opportunity to offend you by that which consumes me.
  • We MUST have more on our hearts than ourselves. 
So good.

Awe, Beth, you are just simply toooo adorable!