Thursday, September 15, 2011

Opening new doors

I've been itching to get back to blogging. Probably because I subscribe to so many friends' blogs and I just want to write as great as they do. The everyday seems like such a fun adventure. Not that I'm ever going to be as great a writer, but I can try right? For instance check out Just a bump in the road for my friends trip with cancer. I commend her. Or, I love to check in on The Case Family and The Meyers Family. These are talented women, let me tell you. I'll post some more links later...

For now, lets get on to talking about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Nick and I have left First Church, it was a hard decision, but as he puts it "Sometimes the right decision isn't always the easy one." We know that is what God wanted of us, so we followed. Now, if only He could be so direct with what to do next. For now, we are feeling lead to "fast" (oh, my friend April has a great blog and is fasting now too, check her out.) not just food, though we've cut that back to a minimal level...well, minimal for, me? Pretty much no TV. (We have allowed a couple of movies with friends after a long evening of fellowship with none.) LOTS of prayer. We have found that we don't pray nearly enough TOGETHER...this has been so good and intimate. I love it. It's bringing us closer to each other and God. Crazy how that works, we aren't having a conversation with each other or anything, I guess it must just be the vulnerability of letting someone in on your prayer life everyday. It's great, regardless. Last, we've been reading a book by Matthew Barnett called "The Cause Within You"...on chapter 5, recommend it so far.

We are also making some future plans...we feel like God is asking us to start a church. PRAY...we are still trying to seek HIS will on Nazarene or Non-denominational) If you are in the Nazarene church...why? If you were and left, why? If you have thought of leaving and stayed, why? If you have left and went elsewhere, what did you find? What keeps you where you are either way? We are so curious about how other people relate to these questions. E-mail me or send me a note on facebook.

In other news...
I'd really like to get an MSW or something in the Education field. Maybe later. For now, I'm getting an MBA. I don't really know that I want or need an MBA, but Verizon is paying for it (FREE is for me!) and it will get me to higher career levels in life, so why not? Plus, I love school. I'm up for the challenge these days and Nick will be working later, so it will give me something to do. Bring it on!

This is such a hodge podge of what nots kind of post, I'm just getting back in the saddle, cut me a little slack.

I do want to add that I'm thankful for our friends who have offered "Godly Counsel" to us during this time of searching. It means so much to us that you are willing to invest in us in intimate ways in order to push us closer to Jesus. THANK YOU! I also want to say that I appreciate having a Husband that is willing to do the hard searching that is taking place in our lives, and willing to be a leader in our home even though we aren't sure where we are going to end up. He's willing to keep walking toward The Light and that makes me feel a million percent loved. We aren't doing life the way a church says to or that our culture may, or any other "outside" force for that matter, we're soaking in Jesus and going The Way...whatever that may be, I'm excited to be on this journey!

I'm thankful for Eric and Shelly being blessed with Marlee, and I'm thankful that Ahminda and I got to laugh some pretty good belly laughs tonight. I'm excited for my friends Kati and Dave on their engagement and Liz an Vik and Brooke and Frank (tis the season, huh?) I'm proud of my Mom. She's had a rough year, but she's 90 plus days clean and seems happier than she has been in a very long time. Way to go, woman! I'm also proud of my Sister, Michelle and her Husband, Mark...they have been great encouragement in these last few hard weeks of ours and our searching. I like and appreciate that.
I'm feeling very blessed by my job with Verizon, they treat us so well and I LOVE my co-workers (for real, love...not just love seeing them at work). My new boss is such a smarty-pants and is making my work so much less stressful with all his tips, can you complain about that? NO. Ugh...I seriously could go on and on, but I understand that reading about all my what not is probably only exciting for a finite timeframe, so...until next time...