Sunday, March 21, 2010

Let the River Flow

So, we were at a revival where they played that song every night and one night this came to me. I was thinking about revival and how this song fits in.
with this river bed I've been given, may YOUR spirit flow. May I not be dry...lacking YOUR zeal, but may I be a current strong in movement with rapids plenty. A magnetic force drawing the thirsty to You. Give me life and let me be overflowing with your spirit.
Lord, let the river flow.
Let there be enough to Overflow! Oh, Lord, be a rushing current so strong Your lead is all I can follow.
Lord, let the river flow.
Let the river FLOOD, Lord, let the river FLOOD!
May I glorify you with all that I am. May I be a river full of life, ever willing to move closer to you, may I never become a stagnant pool full of toxified water, may I not sit idle and look pretty, but smell putrid.
Lord, let your river flow in me.
Bring vibrance and zestful excitement.
Let Your river flow.
Lord, let it be so.
John 7:37-38