Monday, July 24, 2006

List of everything good #1.

I'm overtired and going at a million miles a weekend this summer...and I love it. My weekends are spent as of late going from one gathering of folks I love to another. And, that's what I'm doing...loving. I'm learning just what that looks like and means this summer in a whole new way. It's amazing- the revealings of Christ in an ordinary day. I want to remind myslef of a few things:
1) How it feels to cry in the middle of Meijer because I'm sick of buying groceries for one, taking them home to an empty house and having to clear the refridigerator of soiled food...never eaten because there is only one to eat it and one just can't do that on her own.
2) That watching the sunrise and seeing it set as well as gazing at the starry sky of a clear, dark night does something intoxicating to my soul and makes me feel like I've lived every part of a day.
3) That quality time with those I love takes an investment of sacrifice and a bit of selflessness, but yeilds a harvest far more priceless than the sleep which lacks in those great times.
4) The way simplicity brings peace in a world hungry for so much.
5) How much a cup of coffee or great ice cream really does feel like a "splurge" sometimes.
6) The way my old bible which is now falling apart is still the one I want to use in spite of the fact that I have many newer, strong in their bindings ones to choose from.
7) How my body craves the touch of others...a hug, a side squeeze, the grasping of hands...anything. The way that those touches remind me that in the lonley places of independent living is where I realize the value of daily interactions.
8) How spontinaity brings giggles to my tummy and laugher to my heart.
9) The way that getting lost helps me to also find so much.
10) What a gift the wisdom of elders is...a treasure often overlooked because the package it comes from may have lost a little luster over the years.
11) What a gift the company of children is...a treasure often quieted by weary adults who have forgotten the wonder of everything new and nothing impossible.
12) How discipline is a joyful artform not easily attained, but bearing much in the way of learning what the love of Christ looks like.
13) The way that I want to be so reckless in how I serve Christ...the ease I sometimes have in not caring at all what "people might think" "crazy" is sometimes a good thing.
14) What it feels like to be laughed at, laughed with and laughed about.
15) How much eyes say to the soul.
16) To look for the unspoken words of conversation and be attentive to addressing them with as much importance as all that is being said verbally.
17) To be burdened in a deep way that reminds me of my blessings, my shortcomings, and my maker.
18) The look of my older, wiser friends...telling me I'm 1/2 crazy and completely saine all in the same glance. A glance that rekindles their spirited youth which was the same way.
19) The way that bad spelling doesn't hinder articulation and keeps me humble.

...more in a later installment...for now it's time to get back to work.