Friday, May 05, 2006

Mindy's Psalm

"To you sweet Jesus I bring all my praise.
Your mornings…new every day birth horizons indwelt with promise. Each ray of sun calling us from slothful slumber into JOY...the presence of you. Lord, your grace is my salvation and your children my family. Every thread that knits me together is a testament to the sacrificial death of your son for me.
You guide me from what I know to be easy, yet your burden is restful. This world tells me unknowns must be seen to really be real, but I know beyond question the sense of your presence being near.
Everyday I encounter forbidden apples tempting me to taste, yet I am strong. Your word nourishes the depths of this girl you still craft so lovingly...every intricacy.
If my path should meander down an evil turn you go before and rescue me from scorn. You pour unending, undeserved grace and I cannot hide emotions, which words only cheapen through ease of articulation.
Forever joy will remain in me; forever I will be assured that I AM a child you are STILL going to great lengths in creating.Dusk is settling...a horizon pregnant with expectant jubilee for your covenant will not be broken...and I will snuggle in the hug of my Daddy forever. Halleluia and Amen."