Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rox and Mins at it again

Rox, here you go...your installment of I'm trying to do what I say I will in reasonable time. LOVE YA!

Always fun times with Rox. In the top pic I had almost cut her eye with the HUGE knife I was holding. In the one on the right I was just so excited we were going to shoot guns that I fell into the river...gotta love those boots because "they have really great traction." The other ones are just because I like 'em. :) Everyone should go find some adventure on a cold day. Treck through a private field, shoot a gun (only at a target and with extreme caution), fall into the creek @ the beginning because that just makes it really great when the water starts to freeze and you have to walk all the way back still with the option of running should any farm swine be spotted. Upon returning find some random p.j.'s pop in an OLD disney movie noone else has ever heard of and enjoy some good hot chocolate. YES, PLEASE!

Friday, February 10, 2006

For the Rozginator

Installment one of what I owe to my friends...Rox, yours is next. :)
So, I'm becoming one of those annoying people who says they will do something and then it takes them nine years to actually do it. I'm not sure I like myself for this. I think it's because my free time is being priortized differently and the time I used to have on weekends to do laundry and what not is now being used up during the week while I normally would be spending time with friends or updating my blog/adding pictures and what not. Anyway, bad excuse and even more annoying to realize this fact about yourself but not really know quite how to change it...or worse, not being motivated to figure that out. ANYWAY...for Jessica:

Once upon a time there lived a curly haired, earthy daughter of the Lord who saught in everything to please the spirit within keep peace and joy with the force far greater than herself. Such business makes a girl not only a little giddy, but also quite rambunxious (yes, it's ok to use words you can't spell for the sake of great articulation). Well, pair this type of rowdy girl up with her own internet journal and you've made one heck of a combo. The saucy gal found a place where she could not only love in a new way and express the freedom of servanthood to Christ, but also a place that opened doors for more discovery in life...something this girl thrives on. Low and behold, there came one day an unexpected visitor to her spot of soul bearing. You guessed it, a boy. He read her thoughts and she read secret for months. Until that glorious day when Cracker Barrel brought the two of them together. The lights shone down on them and caught up in conversation...or maybe just distracted by the familarity of bare toes poking out of flip flops in winter...a new chapter began. Who would have thought that the story would turn into an adventureous hike, silly home videos, and a sickly girl left to let her new "friend" wisk her off to bed all green in the face and vomitous...not once, but twice I might add. The story is growing longer and still I've not finished...this tale of two will continue until the two are one. (She'd kill me if she could for writting all of that, but those who know her best might say this boy Jake has made her day and is on his way to stealing that girls gleeful heart one avacado at a time...until the end of time).
THE END...for now

There Jess, your love story has been told. Feel free to add more in the comment if you want to let us know when the baby is due or how much your dowery is set at and if Jake will ever be able to come up with that kind of livestock "cash". LOL. Tudi and the airbiscuts ROCK my world!