Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Airport havoc

So, a few weeks ago we dressed up and picked up my friend Kara at the airport. This is Trisha and I...aren't we cute? We had a blast and sang a few carols while listening to some "Judi Stories." I love that gang!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crackin' Up! 11/27/05

Yes Please! Send me to Cracker Barrel dressed up and by up I mean...WHOA...UP! This was the most fun. Everyone should have such great and crazy times in public. Jessica, our favorite waitress reported that "You guys were the talk the rest of the night!" Some little girls thought we were actresses. An old man asked "What do you take?" while staring at my enlarged least he opened the door. The family next to us said that their son was "distracted" and best of all...the traffic we got stuck in on the way to lunch. YES, that's right. We loved the traffic. We sang and danced in the car and Judi asked the car next to us if they had any Grey Pou Pan (spelling? not so sure on that!) AHAHAHAHHA! Make yourself laugh and in the process you'll brighten others lives as well.
Laughter and SMILES,