Friday, November 25, 2005

The joy of laughter

"Um, Yes please to laughing for the WHOLE weekend with my family." That's what I have to say. It's always a joyous occasion to be with the clan. From picking on the little brothers with the uncle and brother-in law to football at Ford Field with the Dad and Brother in-law to a musical with the (Step) Mom, big Sis #2 and Grandms...LIFE IS GOOD. I don't think I'll ever get enough of times like these. Seriously, my brothers and uncle and I slept in the basement last night and we laughed for like 45 minutes before we went to sleep because my little brother kept farting. How often does that happen? (I'll say...that...probably often enough for me.:) OH, and the BABY IS MOVING NOW IN STEPH'S TUMMY! I LOVE IT! Hope everyone else was able to have such a great Holiday!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Giving Thanks

Today I'm full of thanks and I'm reminded of the bible passage that says "out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." (not sure of the reference...sorry) In these busy times of the year it is easy to get caught up in the bustle and catch the bah-humbug spirit from complainers in our midst. However, there is something about fall that makes me slow down every year and just take in the goodness of trees dripping with color...these days the trees are becoming bare and snow know what I mean though.

Life is going as well as I can make it lately. Sure some bad things have happened in the lives of people I care about, and the place I'm at in life isn't as high as my goals are set...still I am reminded "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." (Ecclesiastes 3:1...that was in this mornings perfect the timing.) God is good and we ought to be good to the space we it to the people we meet (even a smile in passing can speak so much), or to the actual space we care for physically or with our time. It's all a place of worship. Last night I was listening to Jeremy Camp and Shawn McDaniels (I think that was his name) along with a little Vicky Beeching...I couldn't help but curl up in the comfort of a down mattress and comforter and feel "hugged" as I worshiped in my own warm place. It's so easy to forget to be thankful to God for all that we much that we don't deserve any more than those less fortunate. Blessings to you in this Season of Holidays and may you pass along more than the gift of tangible objects as you bustle through the wrappings and tinsel.

P.S. Remember the elderly in your lives especially now. I know you think that comes just because of my job...and some of it is true...but just last Thursday I was having coffee with a woman who has no children near for the relation at all actually. That's a common story among a population so wise. May we be thoughtful to the aching hearts of frail bodies and sharp minds which long for days filled with the presnece of loved ones, laughter and the feeling of care rather than the void that "forgotten" leaves or the burden of an inability to offer help.

Oh how I love the overflow of a joyful heart.

Monday, November 14, 2005


I LOVE life. The haphazard way we are allowed to meander through it...we could miss so much if we allowed ourselves the chance. I am sitting in my office looking out the window...a gloomy sky and a brick building I could touch if my window opened...but that brick has so much character and that sky is so mysterious. I LOVE IT. A few great things happened this weekend...I procrastinated doing my laundry and making sure that my room was as clean as I like it to be and instead spent my weekend investing. I spent the greatest time with my family on Friday night...we played "Killer Bunnies" (a family favorite)...which I won! Laughed at my grumpy dad and then my brothers and I took a trip into town to get a movie. We then laid around and watched it together. On Sat. I went to the Farmer's market instead of working like I was going to...I went with some of my girlfriends from "His House." It was so more than great to see them. Then we watched the "Sound of Music" and ate our yummy organic goods. Saturday night I took myself on a date. I sat at a dim little table and read "Captivating" (which I'm deciding might not be as horrid as I first thought...verdict is still out fully on that as I'm only now into chapter 3). I had some great fish then headed home. Sunday was spent with the Down's gang and then "the Dad" (Doug Delong). It was just really great to take time out of the hustle and work of cleaning and work and cleaning and work that I've been doing lately to spend time with people that are important to me that I haven't gotten to have quality time with in awhile. It is a shame we let life get so hectic. I'd rather have a dusty house and car though and know that the time I should have spent making them look nice was spent on more important things in life. I can clean the dust when the fun is done. :)

This is long but I did get some great conversations in this weekend with Rox and with the Delong's. Rox and I are now holding each other accountable for spending....among other things in life. We really did just have a nice chat. If she were a boy, I'd marry that girl. LOL! Delongs...The Dad and Momma and I had a great talk about sin and sanctification and what not. It pretty much came to a point where we had to say that living a fruitful and obedient life is the important thing as Christians...not all the doctrine and systematic thinking. Reminded me of the Nicole Nordeman song that says "Take me back to the time when I was maybe 8 or 9 and I believed. When Jesus walked on waters blue and if He helped me I could to...if I believed. ...Before systematic thinking robbed my of a sweet me believe, 'cause I don't wanna miss any miracles. Oh, maybe I'd see much better by closing my eyes, I would shed this grown up skin I'm in to touch an angel's me believe." That's what it's about.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


So, Wallace (a.k.a. Scot) is actuallly showing me up these days with his blog. I decided I should update mine. Walgreens has decided to put some very stupid program on their photo C.D.'s and because of it I now have no updated photos of keeps messing up on my computer. As far as life goes...I guess all is well. I'm LOVIN' my job right up these days. October was a busy month. I like busy! My seniors are totally the coolest around and they tell me that they feel the same way about me, so harmony abounds on that front. Spiritually I'm doing friend Michelle had a miscarriage at 8 and 1/2 months...little girl. 6 pounds something oz., blond curly, hair, blue eyes. I'm having a little trouble with that one. Not to mention that two great girls have dad's with brain tumors, and another friend is having marriage troubles...just a lot to not understand these days. However, God continues to remind me of His faithfulness and my devotions are going very well. Started a new book called "Sister Freaks" (women of unashamed faith kind of thing by Rebecca St. James) as well as "Taming a Lyger" Unexpected Spiritual lessons from Napoleon Dynomite. Aside from those I'm trying to work on "Captivating" still...I've put down "Velvet Elvis" all together for time. I am still stoked about reading it along with a few others "Blue Like Jazz" and some more by that author as well as some Momma T. stuff. There are no serious boys at this point in life, but there are a couple I'm talking to...we'll see. I'm not thinking that anything will happen with any of them, but it's cool. OH, I met this new fun Christian girl from Richland and am going out with her and some singles from her church on Sat. night. Should be a good time-she's spunky. Other than that the coolest news in life is that my niece turned 8 yesterday. Man, I'm getting old! I hope all is well with everyone. Be's that season! :)