Monday, October 31, 2005


What a weekend. SO good to see Rox...shocker right? Other than Rox there weren't too many others from the DGB 2 in town. DGB 1 had their 5 year reunion. Crazy! Rox and I had the most random weekend ever. We ended up hanging out with Jon Seals at Dennys and Steak N' Shake until about 4 am on Friday night. Great to see him. OH, on Fri. we also met this very random group of guys that we never really knew because they graduated when we were graduating from College. Yeah, they were super cool and we spent the majority of the weekend with them. Dave, Stoney, Travis, Ed, and Mike. Mostly we ended up with Travis and Stoney because the other guys were off being random themselves, but it was totally so fun! On Sat. I got to ride a motorcycle for the first time ever! The mom, Tanya hollered at me because I didn't wear a helmet. IL has no law and Dave didn't have one with him. I'd do it again...if I had a helmet...I WAS SO SCARED!!! Aside from that we met some drunk kid in Steak n' Shake with Jon on Fri. night "Girl, you so fine. I'd buy you a tickle me Elmo." [insert laughter here] "What, them things are hard to find!" OH, and many, many more quotes from that kid. Such great times. As always. Last highlight...seeing Ali and Sean (finally) they are totally cute and I missed that chick. Plus, Carrie and Mason got, that's random!
MMMMMWWWWWAAAAAHHHHHH! Kisses and blessings to ya.

Monday, October 10, 2005


Our bodies are full of energy and when we use it all up we need to rest so that we can re-charge. My devotions this morning reminded me that we are like that spiritually too. If we don't take the proper time to rest and re-fuel we are left to be the same kind of person that we might be without physical rest. For me that's not a very kind girl...I need sleep, and we all know, I need Jesus. By the way, I haven't gotten any prayer request updates from anyone as of late...any out there? Just click on comment and leave one. You have to do that word verification thing because I was getting stupid automated comments...most of those things can't leave a word verification. Anyway, leave one, or send an e-mail. :) MUCHO Blessings to ya! (UM, P.S. Did anyone see the Astros win in the 18th inning yesterday! I will say that since my Boston boys are done I'm rootin' for the Cards. at this point.)

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tell of His excellent greatness...

Just wanted to take a minute to Praise God for the great person He is. Seriously. I'm continually amazed at how He teaches us in such off the wall ways know, how He grabs us in order to get our attention. Last night @ church Flipside was super great and I'm looking forward to going to the Cross Country meet for some of my boys on Sat. afternoon, then about three people reminded me that they are praying for me daily and one of them told me this great story of how she was at the store (Felpausch of course) getting some random lunch meat and she met this guy in line who was buying a cucumber. She ended up striking up a conversation with him (Jack...pray for him) and lead him to the Lord right there in the parking lot. I love that people are willing to look foolish so that others might know true peace and joy in life. OK, on to today...

Our Nooma study tonight was totally where I'm at. It was called Noise and reminded us that sometimes we just need to be still before God. Wait. Silence and Solitude. He'll find us and speak, but sometimes we need to turn the volume down on the rest of life because it might not be a shout that He needs us to hear. 1 Kings 19:1-18 talks about Elijah and how God speaks to him in a still small whisper...even after an earth-quake and fire didn't speak the message He had for Elijah. Luke 5:16 "But Jesus withdrew to lonely places and prayed." Yes, as will I...good-night, good-day, quiet peace to you and many blessings as you listen with a hushed heart for that still small voice. :)

Two things to ponder: "Does my schedule, my time, my life look like that of a person who wants to hear God's voice?" and "Is it possible that you've been searching for God in the winds...the earthquakes and fires...and He's waiting to speak to you in the silence?"
Ok, one more: "Have you spent the same amount of time worrying and talking about your difficult, confusing situations as you ahve spent in silence, listening to what God might have to say?" Turn the radio off, close your mouth and breathe it in.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I'm gonna smile...

I do not feel like telling of all the tales in life these days today. I just would like to remind the world that God is good and His timing is perfect...even if we do not understand it. OK, so that reminder is really for me. Today I am thinking of how I can't wait to meet someone special. To have a family and be a mom. Then, to someday be a grandma. I can't wait to spoil my family with LOVE and to sit and listen...maybe on a porch swing while I drink the sound of stillness, and to the laughter of squealing children. I can't wait to live everyday watching my child learn the wonders of the world...isn't is so neat that little things like tree bark are even new to babies? I can't wait to cook dinner and sit with my family and hear about the day. I can't wait to meet someone that makes my whole face smile with just a passing thought at some unexpected time during a busy day, someone who makes my tummy flip-flop with a mere brush of the hand or gaze that's just a couple seconds longer. I am expectant of romance and hopeful for goodness, I'm lonely for dreams and excited about realities...and most of all, I am peaceful...a body saturated with the presence of God...the everyday hug that reminds me when the time is right He reveals wonders beyond any of the greatest dreams and bigger than the most marvelous plans. I am wholly grateful for a Father that makes himself available at any moment...for even such selfish implorings as this. "I dwell in possibility."-Em. D.
P.S. Berg, I knew you would love this one. :)