Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The GRRRR of today:

I am needing to vent...I can not stand slackers. I double can't stand them in leadership positions. People that are "above me" on the food chain not doing their job (that should have been done months ago) and then asking me to in some way help them get it done while I am in the busiest month of my career thus far. I am not saying that I can't stand people who are needing a break and could appear to be slacking but are really just overwhelmed with life. (Yes, I think as far as the hunt for a different job and upward mobility in life goes for me at this point-that's where I'm at.) I truly am OVERWHELMED today...and yesterday. It is one of those points where I feel the steadiness of void in know, like each year of life is a bar that the trapeeze artist swings from and for the past two I've been in mid-air reaching for the next one...well, not really. In march I clung on to where am now, but something in me is geared up for the big swing to something or somewhere else. I however am thankful for a God that has created me for the now, not the future. One who I know without a doubt has a purpose for this time and this place...and in His time will continue to reveal a plan far better than anything I scheme up. I only pray that He will be faithful to energize me with zest for life and excitement even in the mundane schedule that these days is dictated by others most of the time rather than by spontaneous me. :) Blessings to you as you go about your routine...a routine that was also God intended I hope...I know it was if you are listening to His at times still small voice. "I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you." -Psalm 32:8 (NIV)

Sunday, September 25, 2005


What a day. I watched "Crash" today. If you haven't, you should. It is a movie that will open your eyes, make you count your blessings, and trivalize most of the problems in life. Sure puts things into perspective. I went into Social Work with purpose, but somehow I feel that's gotten lost in the past few years. I love my job, but it is not really the "helping profession" sort of thing I was expecting to do. I miss children. Hm...I don't even really know why I've decided to write on here tonight...except that now I am bored and thinking a lot. Not necessarily any thoughts that need to be shared, just things that are there. Mostly about that movie. Our culture is so sad. It's like everyone expects life to be perfect and doesn't care how crappy they might be making someone else's life so long as they are comfortable. I know I'm probably even guilty of this at's conditioning and human nature I'm sure. While I am on this little soap box...I'm reading this book called "Captivating" far it's crap. I feel like it is giving Christian women an excuse to be lazy an pursue selfish things instead of trusting that God has life under control if we let Him. We are created to serve. Period. Not to find ourselves in the midst of material and money, or even in relationship...if it isn't the right time. Anyway, I think I am going for a jog. I need some good worship and that'll do it...a little Jeremy Camp and Third Day...maybe some Vicky Beaching. I guess I just need to be spoken to.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

1 AM, Friday Night

I just could not sit and enjoy this moment that is so great without sharing it on the WORLD WIDE web! Jessica and I just went in the hot tub...which in and of itself was great, but the best part? I was going to go to bed but then Jessica was like " awake are you?" I said "I'm ready to go, what's up?" So, we decided to watch the best movie..."Sunset Story," it's totally this independant movie about this retirement home for radicals and tells the main part of the story around these two women. Lucile, retired Social Worker and Irja retired Special Ed Teacher. THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT SEX! OH, MY WORD! I seriously LOVE this movie!!! I do think that only the two Social Workers that Jess and I are could appreciate this at 1 AM Friday night/Saturday morning. Blessed and enriched I am. :) "If children are are greatest resource, then Seniors are our greatest treasure." Yes, and I love them both so heartly.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Baseball Night and I'm in love!

That's right...I'm in love. It is America's past-time and I definately have spent the ENTIRE evening watching. Since 5:00 pm the CUBBIES beat the Astros 5-4...Lee put in a great effort...good job 'ol Derek! Bo-Sox kicked some Orioles tail...way to go Manny in the 7th getting the clutch homer that took them from 4 up to 6...making it a three point score=6 to 3! He may not be so smart, but he can plant it where he needs to. Now, I'm watching the Indians, Royals game...small power outage delayed things, but all is well now because as usual the Royals are making errors all over the place. They are stupid and made one on Coco...that guy runs like a bullet. So, now the score is 7 to 6 in the top of the nineth with two men on, 2 outs and a count of 2-0...oh, and it's a strike...2-1 with the fastball. Another ball, 3-1. Ohhhh, and it's a full count with the fastball again...3-2. BALL...bases loaded...gotta love that breaking ball. Belliard's up...hahaahahahaha I love it when the announcers talk about the "Royals are givin' it away..." Welp, a pop up ends the top of the inning...though the Royals made two errors, they'll have a chance to come back. {Commercial Break} So, aside from enjoying this great game for the evening, I took a jog in the bottom of the 5th of the Sox's game. I only went a mile, but I figured that since I usually think about it but don't end up doing it, I should just get, I did. It was great and made me feel so clear...these allergies have been making me so sleepy. My sister, Michelle stopped by with dinner-gyros and a greek salad. We split it and laughed at some funny stuff in life. Jessica is over now, but not nearly as into this game as her eyes have been closed for a few minutes now. No snoring yet, so we're good. {"Game On!"...points for being the first to leave a comment that correctly names that movie} Bottom of the out, none on...oooooooh, Kansas bringin' out the lefties...(I never watch TV and I'm beginning to think it is good I don't have the MLB channel...I would be a junkie. I'm house-sitting. The Dad would be proud.) Make that 2 outs...Wickman may be a little tubby, but he had some good hustle on that one. OK, this could end it...COCO IS CLUTCH WITH THE POP UP AND THE INDIANS TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!! WHOO HOO! I love this night. OK, I'm off to take a dip in the hot tub then head to bed. Fianl score: 7-6. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hard work...pays off. :)

Me and "baby" my car...ready for work. Judi insisted on taking a pic post passport aproval. Plus, I had gotten whistled at on the way into the post office and we did need to savor that for an extended period via photography that'll last. ;)


Jules, Hosty and I at Chris and Nicole's wedding last summer...I was just remembering how fun that road trip was. Remember when we went into McDonald's and that guy was all sketchy? LOL!

Clownin' around

Big sis number 2 Stephanie and I being the hams that we are. Congratulations to her and Dave, they are pregnant with number more clownin' around for those two! Aunt Mindy times three for me with Julia and Jacob here already. I LOVE IT!

Red Hats, here she comes!

Welcome to 50...and Red Hats with purple clothes! I love to be silly and serve others through spontanious fun!


Who knew that a 50 year old and a 25 year old could be so bendy? We didn't make the "Amazing Race" but we're still kindred spirits, :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


For those of you who are wondering where the East Coast pics are...they are at Walgreen’s. I took them in last hour (YEAH, RIGHT). They were processed wrong and will be available today sometime. I will pick them up tomorrow as I have FLIP SIDE ( tonight. I've posted a mini picture collage of random ones that I left out from my summer wedding trips...enjoy and check back soon for the trip update. P.S. The only person that really leaves comments anymore is Rox...thanks. Visit the guest-book and leave one, or post one under the blog you are reading/viewing (just click on comment). :P Mindy


Collage of friends...trying something new on here...The 1/2 hidden one is me and ONU pal Sarah Scruggs. I had more, but the program kept hiding the other ones too much.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


To those of you who are wanting to see pics of the trip to see Rox and the Margeson clan...SORRY! I do have a life contrary to my mother's opinion, is busy. I love it that way and am in no way making any efforts to change to a more laid back pace. Anyhow, I think tonight I will go to town and get them developed. I have some stuff to get done there anyway. It will be a good use of gas and time.
To the world...I have a new friend at church! Her name is Jessica Rozga and she's pretty much amazing. She in fact used to go to ONU and is an honorary DGB member (Legacy 1) LOVE IT! We took a road trip to Lansing on Sunday to see Krista Kraemer, Heather Dohorty, Lindsey Smith, and Jenny...used to be Riggs...can't remember what it is now. It was a totally fun time. Then we played some Pit and Catch Phrase at the Bittenbender's upon returning home. Fun times.
NOTE OF THE DAY: So, today I was driving back from the Fulton Pot-luck and I was just feeling so blessed. That is the most down to earth, sweet, simple group of people I have ever met in life. They seriously are. Most were farmers at one time and let me just say the ladies...they can cook! Anyway, it was just a time in life that the sun beaming down over the mustard yellow feilds of harvested corn and distant hills of green meadow warmed me up inside and reminded me that all is well. Isn't it weird how a simple glimpse in the right direction can remind us so swiftly that there is a plan?
Blessings to ya!

Monday, September 05, 2005


OK, so fun is definitely not a good enough word to describe my times with Rox. Seriously. On Saturday we went to this party with some Capverdian people from her church...GOOD FOOD! Then we babysat her nieces for a little bit and headed into Boston. When we got into Boston (Via car not the T) we decided to eat at this place right outside of Fenway...a little pub type place called Boston Beer Works...BEST nachos and super yum clam chowder. Amazing. The Sox were playing and we could see the lights of the game while watching it on the t.v.'s in there. I bought this $5 T-Shirt off the street and Rox was all "MINDY, THAT WILL FIT YOU PERFECT!" Then we went to ENC where we hung out with her friends Lillian, Susana, and Gerson. They were a riot. Sunday morning we got up and drove (in a round about way-yeah, that means we were a little lost) to Andrew's church and had some GREAT worship. After church Andrew cooked us all some super yum spaghetti type stuff with Bread and salad. We hung out there with his roommates Frost, and EJ and Frost's girl Lauren and another guy...Erik(?). Lots of laughs...Which I'm sure no one would be surprised by. Rox and I then went into Boston to go to Park Street Church. Not as great as I was expecting. Great worship, but the message was a little lost and I'm not sure on some other stuff too. Anyway, then we hung out with her friend Kyle. Fun guy. We just walked around Boston and Rox kicked a soccer ball around with some guys on the a bloody toe. Oh, we were walking and there was this guy with flowers so I was all "Awe, you got me flowers..." and he was like "Sorry, no." but his friend had some Mike's pastries (pretty famous in these parts, but we didn't want to walk 30 minutes to get them) and I was like "MIKE'S! Awe, you got us some kanolies?" He said "Sure, I just have to make sure to save at least one...I have four." So, yeah, we took food from a stranger. OH MY WORD, best thing I had here! We walked with these randoms for a bit. The flowers ended up being for the guys ex-girlfriend. She had just broke up with him like the day before and he was bringing her one last rose. Whata guy. Yeah, they were cool. So, after all that jazz we wandered, finally found our T-stop and came home. Today we will lay by the pool and possibly go to Wal-Mart. I'll update when I get home. Don't look for pics too soon though, I have a LOT of film left, I haven't taken enough pictures. SORRY!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Martha's Vineyard

Welcome to the East Coast! I aLOVE it here! I do think I will contemplate moving with more seriousness...and prayer. Something about it just feels like home. Maybe it's the Margeson clan. Yesterday I took off from Midway (after waking up at 5AM) and got into PVD around 10AM. Wish I had known Andrew was picking me up I would have looked a little better...if know I really think even if I had put in more effort I would have still felt like I looked nasty...why do planes and travel do that to ya? Anyway, not such a good first show on my part, but I can't say the same for my 'ol pal Andrew. Anyway, we went to see Rox at Panara, had some lunch and friendly competition @ the arcade, hung out and then Rox and I had dinner, went to Friendly's for sundae's and went to bed. Today Steve, Michelle, Rox and I went to Martha's Vineyard. BEAUTIFUL! South Beach was awesome (minus the crabs) we all got some "wicked" good sun, fun and even a little physical activity walking the beach and Rox and I throwin' the football around. I think we were pretty impressive for girls...we can both spiral throw it (don't get too impressed though, I CAN NOT catch). We took the fairy back and are about to watch a movie. Such a fun day. God is so good and I can't help but give Him credit for the perfection He creates even through imperfect people. Had some good worship time today and devos with Rox. I do love that. Welp, off to watch a movie...if we don't fall asleep, we are getting to be quite the old women!