Wednesday, August 31, 2005


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jay on 9/1/05...29. Man, that's old. (HEH HEH least it's not 40!)

I am off to the East Coast finally! All I can say is that after these last couple of weeks being so HAIRY and CHAOTIC nothing could stop me from having a relaxing time full of laughter. So, if you think of it (and if you are reading this you are thinking of it right now...) pray that I have a safe drive to IL, a safe trip to the airport/finding my parking, and a safe flight...ditto for the return. Check back in a few days because I'll post pictures sometime soon of the adventure! (Probably on like Friday the 9th or Monday the 12th.) Hope you are well. Write to say hello. I am a lonely girl these days!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


UGH. I hate this time of year. I'm happy about having another year out of the way in life...I like to make birthdays like a second New Year's...that way you get two fresh starts in one year.:) Works out better for summer month babies like myself. Anyway, I'm getting to that blah point where I realize that I'm going to be 25 and there are still quite a few goals, hopes and dreams that I've not come close to satisfying. I guess that gives me something to work towards, so that's good. Not good is that part of them are out of my control and thus the frustration of that void will continue on until the Good Lord decides to change the situation.
Sad news of the day:
Matt left for Ferris today. :( Steve, Ashley and Brian are already gone to ONU and anyone else who's going there will be gone this weekend. Always sad to have friends move away! I'm lonely just thinkin' about it. GRRR, I hate change. Especially when it subtracts from the FUN in life!

Lacey Joy MacDonald will be baptized at 3:30 today! She just became a Christian this year and this is an awesome opportunity for her. Wish I could be there. So, with that I would just like to make sure the Praise goes to the big guy upstairs, and thank 'em for being so patient and seeing the bigger picture that we sometimes miss.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Only 4 more days until it's FRIDAY...not that Friday is cool, but Saturday is my birthday...and THAT is cool. Yes, as my Father so kindly reminded me last night at dinner...I'll be 1/4 of a century old! Crazy. It's been a while since I last posted. HECTIC is the only word I can use to describe the lull. However, if you know me well, you know that I LOVE a busy schedule, so I can't complain.
Some ponderings I've been wrapping my brain around these days:
1. Crazy how sometimes we don't know how to say all the things we want to say-even to God. Love "The Lord's Prayer" these days. I am certain that the burden of inability to express is a gift and teaching tool for chatter boxes like myself. Silence is so loud sometimes...and I like it. I love it, that clarity of weight that needs no words.
2. Sacrifice. Why is it our nature to be so selfish? Even when we think we are being "giving" often we are doing it with an heir of martyrdom, or a cut of anger at the idea of not having things the way we would plan them...even amongst "good" or "right" choices.
3. FEAST. Incredible the gift of communion. How much the blood of Christ offers to our thirsty body. So often searching for something, so often left unfilled...we come and feast at the table of mercy and grace and all the sudden the tiny spark of hope ignites a flame within us. Amazing how only a flicker of light can pierce the darkest spots.

That's all for today I guess. Hope this finds everyone doing well and living life with spotnanious adventure, abundant out loud laughter, and deep joy, peace and love.
Blessings to ya,

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Scot, Me and Crystal. He adores her more than Christmas and Peanuts! Way to go Lucy and Linus!

Chadwick, Chad, Scot, Phillip...Three down one to go. Chad's single ladies! ;)

Scot (Wallace) and I at his WEDDING! Can't believe that kid's married.

Sweet stolen kiss. (obviously I was the one doing the stealing...definately not them.)

Two maids of honor, a sickie and a barbie...who knew? All super glad for the T-shirt required reception. ;)

Jen, Me and Kumar. I only dream of a wedding so full of love, hope and cherishment. Totally lucky to have such an amazing couple in my life! Want to be just like 'em when I grow up.

THE CAKE, oh, and Kumar and Jen. Jen likes to "build him a cake" for their wedding...little did we know that building a cake actually ment a life-size model of the pyramids!

Some of the Olivet Crew...

"I was in Kumar and Jen's wedding and all I got was this stinkin' T-shirt"...and a ton of fun!

Jen, Me, Kristin, Berg, Jules...DGB ROCKS! Yes, I did bowl the best at this party...don't worry it was only like a 93. :)

Berg, Me, Jen, Kristin and Jules at Jen's wedding...some of the greatest girls this world ever knew. Definately the best ones I know.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Toast at Jen's wedding :)

Tribute to the Booshan's (my speech for Jen @ the wedding...well, part of it)
Jen Johnston adventure queen was beautiful, bold, and brave. Whatever a girl could do she did, including to behave. Now Jen took off for school as planned one bright and August day when a gang of friends came up and Kumar thrust all of her plans away...
Unintentionally single she'd let that Chad Hilligus get away, she kept on keeping on until that fateuful day. The hours spent talking over nothing in an empty redroom would, spark Kumar's attention in a way that was so good. Now as the story goes she did know from the begining that this was a special from that would be worth her first kissing. He however, would need a little convincing...but finally that brown toad did see what he'd been missing. On one great May night he kissed that girl and no longer was toad nor frog. Prince he did come to be and princess that made she. Now, together we lift our glass and bid good luck to the newest Booshan Family.

Friday, August 05, 2005


I'm about to leave for one of the greatest events ever in life. The wedding of one of my dearest friends! She was single until she met him (except when "[their] defenses were down" and She and Chad had a minor fling Freshman year)...but when she did I think she knew. It was obvious after their first...her first EVER...kiss that this was going to be serious. Never again would she make it to her bed in 512...nope, after many a night out late with the brown boy she would pass out on the "smoker's couch" only to wake up and rush off to class at the last minute wearing multi-purpose pants that she had slept in the night before with a suit jacket and three (I'm being nice on that one) day old hair. However, a princess is never ever left without her beauty...and a prince can spot it even through a mess of knotty hair and freshly woken affect. So, the time has FINALLY come...and Jen and Kumar will be forever united in cherished covenant. Check back for pictures soon. :) -Mindy

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Welcome to Wednesday.
News of today...thus's only 9:30am.
**My Great-Uncle Hubert passed away last night...Prayers to Aunt Evelyn, Grandma, and the Family.
***Only three days until Jen and Kumar's wedding after today! Can't wait! Get to see the girls, the gang...and PAL! :) WHOO-HOO1
****Only 29 days left in the count-down to see Rox and Andrew! Lovin' it right up that I can say less than a month now!

Welp, that's about it. Yesterday I was a confrence in Grand Rapids all day for work. Got to see some pretty cool speakers...Tom Izzo (Go Spartans!), Zig Zigler, KJ52 (so fun.), Jerry Lewis, Rudolph Guliani (spelling...yeah, I hate that), and a few other ones but those were my favorites. It was a long day, but it was fun.

Monday, August 01, 2005


So excited about life. It's great to know that even when we don't know where we are going, or feel like we can't see...we can step back and view a bigger picture that reveals a God bigger than we are who sees the whole picture...right down to the tiny details. I mean, if He created a world with insects a small as a fruit fly to have purpose and flowers that only last one day, how could we ever question His time for us?
Fun of today:
I can say my birthday's this month!
I can say next month I'm going to the East Coast!!! WHOO HOO!

The girls at Jens' bridal shower...She's gettin' hitched on Aug. 6, 2005!!!

The DGB girls...minus Diane and Hosty. L-R: Me, Julie, Jen, Berg (Rachel), Kristen

South Haven Michigan...ah, to enjoy the FRESH WATER of Michigan! No salt needed. ;)

My Niece Julia, I wish painting your face was "normal" at every age.

Rox and I "What Up" HAHAHAHAH! riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

My best friend in the know, the one who keeps ya in line PLUS makes ya laugh...Roxanne (and me on the left)